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About me

I started to show an interest in music from an early age, after beginning violin lessons at nine years old. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by a musical family whilst growing up in Ontario, Canada. My passion for guitar really began when I was twelve. I later learned to play the bass guitar and drum kit to a professional standard.

After high school I went on to study music performance at Perth College, with guitar as my primary instrument. In doing this I gained a HND. Following this, I graduated from Brighton University with a BA Honours Degree in music performance. I have been teaching full time for over 10 years and I love it!


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Malcolm taught me guitar from the end of my primary school right through until I left high school. His tuition is of excellent quality. Learning theory and technique is delivered through a mixture of exercises and learning songs of your choice. The work involved every week for Malcolm to listen to and learn songs that I chose was so admirable, and it really made learning interesting! I looked forward to lessons every week.

I would recommend Mal’s Music to anyone wanting to make a start in guitar or to improve their existing skills.


Mals music is fantastic, very professional and reliable. Malcolm teaches 2 of my children and they are making great progress. Malcolm always allows the kids to be creative and he supports them in their own choice of music.
I would absolutely recommend him.


was a student with Mal's Music for around 10 years. I came to Malcolm as a complete beginner in primary school and I loved and looked forward to each lesson throughout the years. Malcolm has an excellent approach to teaching and goes above and beyond for his students, such as encouraging and assisting me in recording original songs, supporting me at live performances and teaching me new songs around the fundamentals each week.
I couldn't recommend Mal's Music enough!


Mal has been teaching my son guitar for over now and my son thoroughly enjoys his lessons. Communication with Mal is excellent, especially when classes had to be moved to Zoom rather than face to face. The lessons provided are excellent value for money and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mal.


Absolutely brilliant teacher, great guy. He knows exactly how to Taylor teaching to every pupil. Would highly recommend


Malcolm is a natural teacher and can adapt well to different learning styles. Mal is super easy going and friendly and I was made to feel completely relaxed, accepted and encouraged at all times. Mal is the only person I would recommend for guitar lessons. Absolutely brilliant!! Give him a call and get learning guitar!


Malcolm has been tutoring our daughter for nearly three years now, coming to our house and more recently via zoom. She loves her lessons. The focus is partly on grades (she recently passed grade 2) but also learning songs she loves. Everything from Nirvana to Ed Sheehan. She is naturally quite shy but feels very comfortable with Malcolm. We feel very lucky to have found such a gem of a tutor.

Price for lessons

A single 1/2 hour lesson is £15 and an hour lesson is £30. After a few lessons and if you would like to have weekly lessons there is a monthly standing order you can set up at a reduced rate.



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