"I've been learning guitar with Malcolm for over 3 years now and I couldn't be happier! He is perfect for the job as he is, one, a naturally brilliant teacher and two, a fantastic and experienced guitarist. I feel my guitar has come on so well with his tuition, much faster than I've had with my other instruments. I enjoy the lessons greatly as he lets you choose what songs you would like to do as well as suggesting the right difficulty for you and teaching important techniques and theory if you need it. Overall I would say the lessons are just perfect!" - Tom, April 2013




"I was apprehensive about beginning to learn guitar as I was 22 and had attempted lessons years ago, unsuccessfully, however Malcolm made me feel really comfident with learning. Lessons are always enjoyable and we discuss songs and guitar theory that I would like to learn, so I'm always interested in the content of the lessons. Now, I really enjoy practising guitar and always have time for it despite being in my last year of uni. I'm really grateful to Malcolm for introducing guitar to me in such a great way." - Yasmin, March 2013


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